Grandmother, author explains why she writes erotica

76-year-old given the nickname 'Porn Queen'

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SAN ANTONIO - The racy book "Fifty Shades of Grey" may be popular, But it's the equivalent of a nursery rhyme compared to the works of a Texas author.

Desiree Holt may look like a sweet grandma, but writes every bit like her nickname, "The porn queen of the Hill Country."

Holt's books have titles like "Nailed," "StarkNaked" and "Downstroke," but get her away from the computer keyboard and she's really just a 76-year-old grandmother with several memories.

"The thing that I like to tell people is that I didn't get to where I am without doing some of these things," Holt said.

It all started innocently with Holt trying to write simple romance novels.

"Nobody wanted them, 137 rejections. I still have them," Holt said.

Then she tried full out erotic storytelling and did the research as well.

"I write a lot of BDSM (Bondage discipline sadism masochism)," Holt said. "I went to a dungeon with my friends to visit as an observer, quite an experience."

The material is not for everyone, but extremely popular among Holt's devoted readers.

Holt's family is proud of her success, but don't read the books.

"If she's going to go into detail, I'm plugging my ears," said Suzanne Hurst, Holt's daughter.

However, the readers of Holt's books swear by them, for igniting romance better than any Harlequin.

"That is what I want people to do. I want them to fall in love. Fall in love with the characters in the story, and to wish that they were part of that story," Holt said.

Holt added she didn't start her writing career until she was in her 60s and credits her husband, who passed away, with giving her the push she needed to get into the genre.

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