Sneaking a peek at new EverBank Field scoreboards

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Residents driving downtown at night will likely see a new intense glow coming from EverBank Field as the new scoreboards for the Jaguars are about to go in service.

Some have questioned whether all the upgrades to EverBank are worth the $63 million price tag. They may soon have their answer.

The Jaguars wouldn't let News4Jax crews into the stadium Thursday night, because they don't want to show the new scoreboards until they've worked out all the technical kinks and officially unveil them.

But they couldn't hide the epic billboards that will soon go online because the video and test patterns are already lighting up the skies above EverBank Field.

"Actually we are getting the biggest scoreboard in the entire United States," said Rodney Garris.

And that's no exaggeration. The Jags have boasted these will be the biggest video screens on the planet. They even have billboards locally mocking similar scoreboards in Texas, saying not everything's bigger in the Lone Star State.

The scoreboards look like 55,000-square-foot televisions, one in each end zone. They're 660 percent the size of the scoreboards last year.

Combine that with the addition of cabana-style seating and swimming pools and you have an enhanced stadium.

But the fans News4Jax talked to still aren't convinced that all of this will actually help the team.

"It's a wast of time," one fan said. "I think they could've invested the money into better players for the team."

The scoreboards are set to be officially unveiled July 26 after a soccer match between Fulham FC and DC United and before a concert by Carrie Underwood.

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