Sisters hope to bring brother home to see his mother

Floyd Dwight's sisters say they haven't seen him in more than 20 years


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two sisters from Charleston traveled to Jacksonville Tuesday on a very important mission. Virgie Green and Charlane Dwight are trying to find their brother, Floyd Hecekih Dwight, who they haven't seen in more than 20 years.

The sisters were able to track Dwight through the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Dwight has a non-violent criminal past and the sisters were able to track him based on one of his arrests.

"Went on the computer, tracked him to Jacksonville, spoke with an awesome lady in records," Charlane Dwight said. "We thought their last contact with him was 2007. However, their last contact with him was 2012."

Green and Dwight spent Tuesday handing out flyers with their brother's pictures on them and asking anyone who knew their brother to tell him they wanted him to come home to Charleston, S.C. Green and Dwight told Channel 4 that their brother is known as "New Orleans" on the streets of Jacksonville and they are hoping someone can help them find him.

"We went to a McDonald's, where we found out he was seen this morning," Green said. "We just want to get in contact with him because we love him. We want him home. He does not have to be a vagrant."

The sisters told Channel 4 that they're hoping Dwight will come home to see his 80-year-old mother.

"Over the past 20 years we have followed many leads to no avail. However, this is his birth month, April 7, and our mom is 80 years old, and in April she always gets depressed and talks about before she leaves this Earth she wants to see her child one more time, wants her baby to come home," said Charlane Dwight.

Anyone with any information on Floyd Dwight's location is asked to call Virgie Green and Charlane Dwight at 843-297-5582.