Love letter ends in rejection, heartbreak

Rejected letter goes viral on social media


The heartbreak of rejection has never hit harder than it did for a young boy who saw his hopes of romance dashed with a circled "no."

And then, of course, posted on social media for the entire world to see.

A user known as reasonable-doubt shared this rejected proposition on Reddit and it's already made its way into the hearts of millions.

The unknown writer asks the target of his love, "Would you please be my girlfriend. I like you a lot." Unfortunately, Cupid's arrow missed its target as the unidentified girl circled the "no" option.

However, the intended was pleasant enough to leave a reason why she is currently unavailable to commit, and it certainly opens up the door for the possibility of romance on the horizon.

It seems that while the girl already has a boyfriend named Kyle, her affection may not last long. She says that the writer is her "next choice" should her and Kyle go splitsville and "P.S. that will probably be a month or two."

If you haven't said it already, let's all say it together... awwwwww!