Family, CEO of Family Support Services talk about importance of adoption

Family shares their story of adoption

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville family opened up to The Morning Show about their emotional story of adoption, all in an effort to encourage others to consider adoption.

Their story is a complicated and heartbreaking one, but has a happy ending.

Anthony Sznakowski and his wife Caroline each has a child of their own and then added two more to their growing family by adopting young twins.  They were Sznakowski's cousin's children.  Their mother died when they were toddlers and then Sznakowski's mother adopted them.  When she became seriously ill and passed away, the twins had lost two mothers.

That's when the couple decided to expand their family by officially adopting the twins.

For anyone considering adoption, the Sznakowskis talked about the importance of providing children with structure. Mr. Sznakowsk is an assistant principal and works with foster children at school on a regular basis.

"They definitely need the loving, caring structure at home," he said.

For Mrs. Sznakowski, the best part of the blended family is simple to explain.

"Just love," she said.

If you'd like more information about adoption from foster care you can call the Family Support Service of North Florida  Adoption Hotline is: (904) 421-5839.  You can also look at pictures of foster children who are available for adoption at HeartGalleryJax.org.

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