Appreciate your sweetie daily, not just on Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is today, but are you still waiting to buy that last-minute gift for the one you love?  While flowers and chocolates are nice, you may be forgetting the most important gift you could give.

Kansas State University Family Studies Professor Charlotte Shoup Olsen says a good relationship is about daily interactions, not just one day a year focused on love.

If you really want to have a lasting relationship, Olsen says it's about your everyday interactions.  And she says the best way to build your relationship is to show your partner some appreciation.

"Often times we more readily say thank you when we go shopping and to the clerk who helps us than perhaps we are with that person that's so important to us in doing some small thing,"explained Olsen.

Research shows that it takes five positive interactions to make up for one negative interaction.  So remember that buying her flowers one time after a fight might not make it all better.