Family fulfills loved one's Black Friday wish


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While most shoppers were out to snag the best deals, one family participating in Black Friday had a different agenda: fulfill a wish for their sick loved one.

Linda Mizell and her family members came from all over the country to take part in her first Black Friday experience.

"North Carolina, Charlotte, Chicago," she said. "We started this morning at 2 o'clock. We were in the stores that were inside then we said were gonna go outside."

Mizell and her family were among thousands who sacrificed sleep for shopping at the St. Johns Town Center on Friday. Mizell's loved ones said spending the holiday week with her means the world to them.

"It's all about Thanksgiving and what that means and we've always been a very close family and out of the blue we decided to come down," Leslie Highfill said, "and just do a Black Friday because my sister Linda has never done one, and we wanted to do it together as a family on a special occasion."

Laurie Sleffel said the family was enjoying its time together.

"It has been really awesome," Sleffel said. "Gone to about five or six different stores and had someone praying for her and just making it a special day for her."

When News4Jax talked to her at 4 a.m., Mizell was just getting started, making her first Black Friday a family occasion she will never forget.

"I know it's a miracle," Mizell said. "I got the first flight Friday, and I love it especially since (my family is) here."