5 bad habits every parents should quit

(David Holloway/CNN)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Parenting can be a challenge, especially when we don't even realize some of the bad habits we are introducing to our children.  Here's advice from some experts in child psychology to find out which habits we need to break right now to become a better parent.

Check your own technology habits. If you are constantly on your phone or watching TV, then it's unfair to tell your kids that they have to limit their technology time. Lead by example.

Don't self-loathe. If you complain about your body, skin or anything else, your kids will pick up on that. Instead put emphasis on healthy eating, exercise and positivity.

You should also stop skipping meals or grabbing an unhealthy option on the go. Have your children grow up in an environment with healthy habits.

When you are out in the sun, don't just put sunscreen on your kids, put it on yourself. If they see you skipping the sunblock and getting a tan they will want to do the same.

Another thing child psychologists say you don't want to do is drive fast. It only puts yourself and your children in danger. Leave early and give yourself time for safety.

A fifth bad habit parents should quit - stop cursing. Even if you think your children are too young to understand, they could still soak in what you are saying. It is just teaching bad habits for the future.