10 Spanish-speaking TV shows you should be streaming

Just because you don’t speak Spanish doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch

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How many times have you scrolled through Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, trying to find something to binge, only to stumble upon shows that don’t look appealing, or a bunch of programs you’ve already seen?

While watching “Friends” for the millionth time doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, there are tons of shows on the popular streaming services aimed at Spanish-speaking viewers -- that are just waiting to be viewed by the masses.

From a reality TV show following Mexico City socialites to a laugh-out-loud family comedy that rivals some of the all-time greats, this Spanish-speaking content deserves your attention.

And if you've already seen most of these shows, spread the word.

Once you've watched a season of "Made in Mexico" or "Narcos," you'll be demanding more, just like us.

‘La Casa de la Flores’

If you're looking for a good laugh, you'll want to watch "La Casa de la Flores," or "The House of Flowers." The show follows an over-the-top Mexican family and their flower shop.

The family is out of control in the best ways possible, and its matriarch, Virginia de la Mora, is a standout. She’s basically the Mexican version of Kris Jenner, except turned up about 100 notches.


This TV show following a group of spoiled rich kids who attend a fancy private school in Spain is about to become your newest TV addiction. Not only is there an insane love triangle, but there's a murder mystery subplot running throughout the series that will have you clawing at the TV to figure it out.

‘Made in Mexico’

If you're a fan of "Vanderpump Rules" or any of the "Real Housewives" franchises, then you will fall in love with "Made in Mexico." The reality TV show follows a group of young socialites living in Mexico City as they fight, drink and make up.

If you're curious as to how the show stands up to the insanity from other reality TV shows, just know this: In the first episode, one guy gets drunk at his nephew's baptism and decides to wrestle an angry bull. You can't make this stuff up!


This is basically Mexico’s version of “House of Cards,” and we are obsessed. The story follows the fictional first lady of Mexico and her hunt for power. Of course, political scandal after scandal will try to get in her way. We normally don’t see too many TV shows with a woman in politics going after power like the men do, so this comes off as incredibly refreshing.

‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’

Fighting crime while time traveling never sounded more fun than in "El Ministerio del Tiempo." The title translates to "The Ministry of Time," aka Spain's best kept secret. Those who work in the Ministry of Time make sure that people from the past don't try to change history for their own benefit. It's a fun show that takes viewers to different time periods, so expect lots of costumes and wigs.

‘Nailed It! Mexico’

One of the best shows to come from Netflix is the baking show "Nailed It!"

Contestants who have no clue how to bake are tasked with creating the most extravagant-looking cakes you could think of, with not a lot of time. The results are hilarious #cakefails, but that’s OK, because the judges are looking for effort over substance. Mexico has its own version of the show, and it’s just as joyful as the original.

‘Casa de Papel’

“Casa de Papel” translates to “Money Heist” in English, so you can assume there are going to be some crazy crimes committed in this TV show. You’ll follow a group of money-hungry assassins who are being trained to pull off an insane bank heist by a mysterious man called “The Professor.”

It's got all the things you love about a great crime drama, plus a little romance and suspense for good measure.

‘Las Chicas del Cable’

If you're someone who likes to watch TV shows for the period costumes and hairstyles, such as "Mad Men" or "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," then you will love "Las Chicas del Cable," or "Cable Girls."

The show follows a group of young women as they start their new jobs as phone operators in Spain during the roaring 1920s. The story alone is worth watching, but add in the fabulous fashion and set design and this becomes a true feast for the eyes.


"Narcos" has been a Netflix staple for some time now, so we wouldn't be surprised if you've already binged every episode already. It's just too good not to include it on our list! The show follows the life of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his drug cartel in Colombia. The fourth season of the show turned into "Narcos: Mexico" and follows the story of drug dealers in Mexico instead of Colombia.

‘Gran Hotel’

If you’ve been itching for something similar to the lofty “Downton Abbey,” then we have just the show for you. Instead of an aristocratic family in England, “Gran Hotel” follows the lives of an early 20th century aristocratic family and their servants in Spain. It’s got all the things we loved about “Downton Abbey,” plus more.

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