Two orphaned Florida panther kittens arrive at White Oak Conservation

Northeast Florida wildlife refuge will be kittens’ permanent home

YULEE, Fla. – The wildlife refuge, White Oak, in Nassau county is celebrating the arrival of two Florida panthers.

The brothers, named Cypress and Pepper, were brought there from ZooTampa.

Two Orphaned Florida Panther Kittens Arrive at White Oak Conservation

The seven-month-old siblings were hand-raised at the zoo after a mysterious neurological disorder left their mother unable to care for them.

So far, the kittens have remained healthy.

White Oak experts say the new arrivals have already settled into their new home, spending their days exploring their new habitat, and they are ready for visitors.

“These young kittens will live out their lives at White Oak in peace and safety,” said Mark Walter, White Oak’s owner, who leads Walter Conservation with his wife, Kimbra. “These recent health challenges with the panthers in South Florida are poignant reminders that White Oak and our partners must be vigilant and quick to respond if we are to save animals from emerging threats.”

There are only about 200 Florida panthers left in the wild today.

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