Jacksonville elementary school finds unique ways to celebrate Black History Month

Biscayne Elementary School holding speeches, competitions and a week-long series of events.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One Jacksonville elementary school is honoring and celebrating Black history in a unique way.

Teaching history is helping to shape the future at Biscayne Elementary School.

“You get to learn about your history and how your ancestors fought for what was right so you can be able to achieve your dreams and goals no matter what they are,” said Jayce Nightingale, a 4th grader at Biscayne Elementary School.

The ever-present theme of dreams floats around Biscayne Elementary school as students learn about the significance of Black History.

“We come from kings and queens. We’ve overcome so many things. And we have a very strong and rich and powerful history so I want my kids to know that. So when they move out in the world they know what they can accomplish and that they can make history,” said Sanaa Hamilton-McBride, principal of Biscayne Elementary School.

During Black History month students are introduced to a variety of prominent figures that helped redefine and shape black culture. There are also decorated doors, speeches, competitions and a week-long series of events.

“If we didn’t have black history people our world would have been the same as it was back then,” said Korrine Jones, 2nd grader at Biscayne Elementary School.

“Black history isn’t taught in schools today and I feel it’s important for our students that look like us to learn more about other prominent figures other than you know the normal Martin Luther King and Barack Obama. Because so many other African-Americans have achieved so many other great things,” said Kayla Thomas, a teacher at Biscayne Elementary School.

Planting seeds of history and knowledge that these teachers hope will blossom into dreams.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” said Jones.

"I want to be the president of the United States of America," said Nightingale.

“Our students know where they come from, who they come from, so that will inspire them to be more than what they see in the media,” said Hamilton-McBride.

While it’s important to know where you’re going the foundations of dreams lie in where you come from.

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