Disabled puppy gets a tiny wheelchair after video goes viral

The internet is in love with Lundy.

AMHERST, N.H. (WMUR/CNN) – A disabled Chihuahua puppy in New York who went viral with his best friend, Herman the pigeon, received a tiny wheelchair.

Lundy, the Chihuahua puppy, cannot use his hind legs and his best friend, Herman the pigeon, can’t fly. Both animals were rescued by an animal foundation in New York.

The two went viral and caught the eye of Walkin’ Pets in New Hampshire.

“It was great to know that there was something that I could do to help this adorable little animal whose story was everywhere,” Jennifer Pratt with Walkin’ Pets said.

After a phone call and rush delivery from New Hampshire to New York, Lundy received his new, mini wheelchair.

“He’ll sit right in it. It will actually work just like his back legs,” Pratt said. “He’ll be fully supported and able to exercise and get around and be mobile for the first time.”

Mark Robinson, the founder of Walkin’ Pets, says they have made wheelchairs for many different animals including cats, rabbits, ferrets, ducks and chickens.

“People need to know that a mobility problem for a pet doesn’t need to be an end of life decision,” Robinson said.

For Lundy, the wheelchair is the start of his new life.

“We’re able to get this dog to a point where he’s more adoptable, more able to find his forever home, and I’m just excited for him to find his family," Pratt said.

The Mia Foundation is currently taking care of Lundy and Herman. The organization rehabilitates animals in Rochester, New York.