Stories of the week: Neighbors helping neighbors

Chef Kerri Rogers, Chef Rebecca Reed and others pictured at Bellwether.
Chef Kerri Rogers, Chef Rebecca Reed and others pictured at Bellwether. (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You might not have been looking for recognition, but we saw you.

You went out of your way to show kindness in the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

We shared your stories this week, but for anyone who missed them, we wanted to once again acknowledge and applaud your efforts.

Despite the need for social distancing, there's no lack of community in Northeast Florida. These stories are proof of that.

Restaurants helping seniors

A trio of Jacksonville restaurants is making the most of the current situation, using staff and kitchens to make meals for senior citizens and those in need.

Bellwether, Orsay and Black Sheep are cooking deliverable meals for Feeding Northeast Florida, turning leftovers into lifelines.

Funds from Feeding Northeast Florida and a private donor pay for the staff to prepare the prepackaged meals.

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Delivering soap, hope

Bella Lina Bath is going above and beyond to help others during this time.

The owner posted a message on social media to let people know she would get their groceries, gas, or do their laundry if they were considered high risk for catching the coronavirus.

Attached with each delivery is a hand-written note to remind people they aren't alone, and a bar of soap in a small tote.

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Little library becomes food bank

A small corner library stand became a mini food bank thanks to work from neighbors, including 16-year-old Charlotte Holley.

She was concerned the books in the stand might be harboring and passing germs from person to person, but the neighbors realized the stand could still be put to good use: as a place to share food for those in need.

Holley said the “library” now holds ramen, canned spaghetti, crackers, canned vegetables, tuna, pasta, popcorn and the always coveted -- toilet paper.

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Donut shop donation benefits first responders

The Minibar donut shop moved forward with opening a second location recently, despite the difficult times.

Just before the opening, the owners learned an anonymous benefactor would be ordering $1,000 worth of donuts a week for 10 weeks – to be delivered to first responders and health care workers.

The shop's loyal customers found out and wanted to help, so the owners created a Venmo account for the donations.

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