Michigan woman creates virtual cruise getaway

A tropical vacation seven years in the making for a group of friends was canceled because of the coronavirus.

They were supposed to leave for the Bahamas, but that didn’t stop this Michigan woman from having some fun.

Tiffany Dekker created a pretty realistic virtual cruise getaway.

Instead of wasting the vacation time, she decided to have some fun.

When looking at the pictures, it’s hard to tell she’s actually at home. Dekker created everything from towel pets like you’d see on a cruise ship to a buffet with great desserts.

She initially was only sending the videos and photos to her friends who were supposed to go on the trip, but then she decided to give everyone access to her adventure.

“You have to lift yourself up. You have to bring something positive out of a bad situation. I always like to look at the glass half full,” Dekker said.

Dekker said while it did take seven years to plan this cruise, she hopes once everything has blown over, she will finally get her real cruise to the Bahamas.

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