Local car group trying to rev up business for local restaurants

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – With many local restaurants struggling right now, a local car club is trying to help them rev up their businesses.

Coast 2 Coast Slingshots is a local group of car enthusiasts. On Saturday night, many of them headed over to Wipeout Grill in Neptune Beach to order some food and hopefully help attracts some business.

“It is hard for everybody and I feel for all the small restaurants that are trying to get through this because we are on our own we are not corporate we are not franchised none of that," said David Harold, Wipeout Grill Owner.

Harold says the COVID-19 pandemic has hit his business hard. He says they are only doing one-third of their normal business.

Super- Beth Davis- Coast 2 coast slingshots Event Coordinator

“It is the small businesses, the mom and pops that need help," said Beth Davis, Coast 2 Coast Slingshots event coordinator.

Coast 2 Coast Slingshots is pulling up to help. Their cars tend to attract attention so their hope is by showing up and to eat they will be able to draw in some business for local restaurants.

“The slingshots are eye catches and they are customizable, and kids love them and when it brings other people out here to see the slingshots we hope it will bring them inside the establishment to help them out," said club president Mike Bosma. “This is the type of thing that helps us get through a pandemic such as this we are doing the same thing visiting local restaurants trying to help them out as well.”

Coast 2 Coast Slingshots says they are hoping to do more events at local restaurants.

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