Students are sending teachers, professors signs of appreciation over Zoom calls and it will warm your heart

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Zoom calls are great ways to show appreciation.
Zoom calls are great ways to show appreciation. (Pexels.)

We’ve all had to adjust to the craziness of this year, but some students across the world, from preschoolers to graduate students, had to learn virtually, and it’s been difficult on the students and teachers.

That’s why a lot of students are showing their appreciation for teachers and professors everywhere as they’ve had to get creative and figure out how to teach curriculum on a Zoom call.

A popular trend that is emerging as the semester wraps up before the holidays is surprising the teacher or professor with messages of gratitude.

When the instructor logs on for class, all of the students’ cameras are off, but after a little bit of confusion, the students turn their cameras on at the same time and reveal hand-written notes of thanks and gratitude for their teachers.

A lot of these surprises have been recorded for people to watch over the internet, and let me tell you, it is pretty hard not to get a little bit emotional once you see just how grateful the teachers and professors are.

This group of students from the College of New Jersey said thanks to their professor over Zoom, and his reaction is just priceless. You can tell how much the gesture meant for him.

A student uploaded a video of the surprise to TikTok and it immediately went viral.


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