Rock on! Students brighten community with painted rock garden

Contributed photo. (Katie VanSledright)

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Katie VanSledright knows that even for elementary school students, life isn’t always easy.

A first-grade teacher and student council adviser at Lee Elementary School in Richmond, Michigan, VanSledright sees firsthand the need for the kids to have a pick-me-up.

“Students walk through our doors every day with a lot on their minds, with school sometimes being the furthest thing from their minds,” she said.

Oftentimes at the school though, all it takes to lift the spirits of kids having a bad day, or make children in a good mood be in an even better one -- is a simple walk outside to the garden: Or in this instance, a rock garden just outside the school.

Since its creation three years ago, it’s a place for not only the school community, but the entire town of Richmond, to go to for some inspiration.

It’s also at a brilliantly visible location outside of a playground and right by a bus loop, so students and community members constantly walk by it.

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