Viral tweet shows flamingos hanging out in bathroom during Hurricane Ian

Stock image. zoosnow (Pexels)

This viral tweet/photo showed that people will do anything to not only keep themselves safe from a hurricane, but also animals.

Sunken Gardens, a botanical garden located in St. Petersburg, tweeted out a photo of a group of flamingos hanging out in a bathroom while riding out Hurricane Ian as it wreaked through Florida.

The tweet was popular given the amount of likes and shares it got in trying to bring some smiles during a devastating storm.

The tweet said the flamingos were “Having a hurricane party in the bathroom; eating, drinking, & dancing.”

The flamingos had a food dish and a water dish as they were hanging out in the bathroom.

Who knows if the flamingos were able to become potty trained as a result, but the most important thing is that they stayed safe.

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