An Aqua Grill Recipe

A Holiday Meal Beaches Style

Pan Sauteed Chicken Saltimbocca:

1 6-8 oz chicken breast pounded thin (per person)
2-3 pieces thinly slice prosciutto di parma
3-4 fresh sage leaves
Salt & Pepper to taste
4 oz. Italian blended cheeses, we use mozzarella, asiago, fontina and Parmesan
6 oz wild mushroom Marsala gravy: recipe to follow

Aqua Grill Sauteed Orcchiette with Shaved Brussels Sprouts: Recipe To follow

Chiffonade the sage leaves and sprinkle atop the pounded chicken cutlet, lightly season with salt & pepper, then lay the shaved prosciutto onto it
Gently pound the prosciutto so that it adheres to the chicken breast, with the sage sandwiched in between.

Start a medium saute pan with extra virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of butter, when the butter is melted add the prepared chicken cutlet ham side down
Gently shaking the pan so that it doesn't stick. when the chicken is halfway cooked, flip it over and top the cutlet with the Italian cheeses. Cover the pan and lower the heat to melt the cheese and finish cooking the chicken.

Aqua Grill Sauteed Orcchiette with Shaved Brussels Sprouts:

4-5 oz cooked pasta per person
1 cup shaved brussels sprouts (per Person)
1/2 oz chopped garlic
1/2 oz minced shallot
2 oz evoo
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
4 oz chicken stock
salt & pepper to taste
fresh basil

Cook Pasta per Directions on the box, drain and reserve:
Start a medium saute pan with extra virgin olive oil, saute garlic and shallots until they start to get golden in color.
add shaved brussels sprouts, and pre cooked pasta to the pan, tossing to distribute evenly.
Add chicken stock, nutritional yeast and fresh basil, reduce slightly, then add whole butter and season with salt & pepper.
When Pasta is finished heating through and sauce is reduced, remove to a plate, then top with Fully cooked chicken cutlet.

Top with Wild Mushroom Marsala Gravy, serve and enjoy!

Wild Mushroom Marsala Gravy: makes 1 qt

1 pound cleaned & sliced wild mushrooms
1 oz chopped garlic
1 oz minced shallot
3 cups beef stock or demi glace
1 cup marsala wine
corn starch slurry as needed

saute garlic, shallots and wild mushrooms in a medium sauce pan, until they have released all their liquid
remove pan from the heat and add marsala wine to deglaze, scraping any bits from the bottom of the pan.
place back on the heat, carefully if using open flame as it may ignite.
reduce down by half, and then add beef stock, or demi-glace.
bring sauce to a boil, season as needed, and adjust the consistency of the sauce with a mixture of corn starch and water.
reserve for plating.