What is Culinary Nunnsense?

Richard's new segment on The Morning Show


Culinary Nunnsense is a new segment that will air every Friday morning during the 8 a.m. hour of The Morning Show. And the host is meteorologist Richard Nunn. The segment is exactly what it sounds like. Food is definitely involved, and Richard plans on having fun --"Nunn" style -- with that food.

Every week, Richard will be in a kitchen around town, showcasing a new recipe or tricks in the kitchen. Whether it's how many knifes you need in your kitchen drawer, or how do you peel an onion, Richard will have an answer.

Back in 2000, Richard actually went to culinary school and even worked in a few restaurants. After moving to Jacksonville to become Channel 4's morning meteorologist, he started doing cooking demos with Publix's Aprons kitchen program. Every time he's hosted a class, the audience always asks him why he doesn't cook on TV.

Well now he is, every Friday on The Morning Show with his new segment: Culinary Nunnsense.