Gourmet burgers tasty yet affordable

Company puts gourmet spin on BBQ favorites by adding Kobe beef

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Steakhouse Elite is putting a gourmet spin on a beloved American classics by incorporating flavorful American Kobe-style beef into their franks, burgers and ground beef products. A true lifestyle upgrade at an affordable price and available at your nearby Publix.

Steakhouse Elite products come only from US-raised beef and are never frozen. Steakhouse Elite beef is also higher in monounsaturated fat, making it a healthier- but still tasty- option!

"You're going to experience a very buttery taste to start out with super juicy," says Steakhouse Elite COO Evan Wexler. "It's a burger that just has a very distinct taste."

Wexler says the beef doesn't need much seasoning, he prefers only salt. And when it comes to preparation it's extremely versatile.

"You can actually cook it 5 temperatures from Black and Blue to well done," Wexler says. "And even at it's well done state it's still going to be juicy. And that's because of the fats that come from the Wagyu beef.

Steakhouse Elite grew out of a vision shared by two veterans of the beef industry who happen to live on opposite sides of the country. On the East Coast Evan Wexler grew up in a family with strong ties to the Manhattan meatpacking district. On the West Coast, Ty Freeborn came from a family that's been in the cattle business for five generations.

Together, they discovered a common desire for serving the best-tasting meats to family and friends, as well as for incorporating the amazing qualities of American Kobe-style beef into traditional American meats.