Recipes: 4th of July Desserts

Red, White & Blue trends

1.Firecracker Cake Kabobs
Kake pops are all the rage right now, so we're going to do a spin on these trendy treats by incorporating the look of cakes on a stick but layering in all the colors of a classic Fourth of July celebration.

Red Velvet Cakes
Angel Food Cake
Blue Icing
Wooden skewers

1. Cut each Red Velvet cake and Angel Food cake into bite-size squares.
2. With a butter knife or spatula, spread a thin layer of blue icing on the Angel Food Cake pieces.
3. With your skewers, begin to slide each piece, layering the red cake, white marshmallows and blue-iced krimpets until each piece fits securely on each skewer.
4. You can serve flat on a platter or we like to serve them standing up in a silverware caddy – it's fun to use uncommon household utensils as unlikely serveware that looks great on the dessert table.

This next dessert idea really couldn't get any simpler, and this is a great one to get the kids involved with as well. They'll love helping you make these, but I'm sure their favorite part will be enjoying them when they're finished.

2. Red, White & Blue Cream Cones

Chocolate Cupcakes
Cake Cones
Vanilla Icing
Star Spangled Sprinkles

5. Trim each chocolate cupcake into bitesize circles, small enough so they'll just sit right inside the cake cone.
6. Once you've got each chocolate cupcake secure inside the cones, begin to ice each cake with vanilla icing.
7. We're using a spray-icing to apply an even amount of icing to each cake, and to also give it a raised look – to appear more like actual ice cream than flat icing.
8. Then comes the fun for the kids, let them sprinkle on the red, white and blue décor. We're using star spangled sprinkles to add in our patriotic colors, but you could use glitter icing, or any other red, white and blue candies.

3. High Flying Fruit Flag
One of our favorite things about Fourth of July, is everyone is so patriotic. Most everyone has an American Flag hanging from his or her front porch, and it's always fun to create a sweet treat inspired by "Old Glory." The best part about this recipe – no cooking involved, so hosts will have more time with family and party guests.

Vanilla Icing

1. Simply line desired number of Dreamies side by side, row by row on a flat surface or large serving platter. You'll need enough to create a rectangle shape.
2. Next, using the spray vanilla icing again, spread one layer of icing between each row of Dreamies, going left to right
3. In the top left-hand corner of the Dreamie "rectangle," fill in a small square with the vanilla icing – this will be for the "stars" of the flag.
4. Now, you can pile on the blueberries throughout the little square. Feel free to line the blueberries up in rows or even form a large star-shape with them – get creative!
5. Last step; add your "stripes." Place a sliced strawberries in rows on top of the Dreamies in between each row of vanilla icing – forming the red and white stripes of the flag.