No More Soggy Sandwiches!

Richard shares his lunch time secrets.

On this episode of Culinary Nunnsense we are once again focused on back to school meals. Last week we had some breakfast tips, but today we are turning our attention to lunch, with a special focus on: NO MORE SOGGY SANDWICHES!

Some of these tips come from experience others are from you, the moms and dads making those lunches.

Basic Tips for a healthy lunchbox:

  • Put dressings and condiments in a separate container
  • Use an refrigerated or frozen Ice pack or block
  • Cut or slice veggies the night before to allow some of the liquid to seep away
  • Use hearty, crunchy toppings for sandwiches and salads

Simple enough right? It's kind of like the old McDLT. The hot side stays hot the cold side stays cold. I know that burger didn't last long on the menu, but if you apply the same idea to wet and dry ingredients your sandwich and your kids lunch will better for it.

Who knows, maybe your kids will come home with a smile and great grades and they will say it all because of you and thanks to your Culinary Nunnsense when it comes to a sandwiches there is Nunn better.

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