Recipe: Roasted Turkey with Brioche Stuffing and Pan Gravy

From The Capital Grille


Brioche Stuffing (recipe p6) 4oz (Grey #8 Scoop)

Pan Gravy (recipe p5) 2 oz.

Roasted Turkey, sliced ¼ inch (recipe p2) 9oz (approx. 5 slices)

Hot Turkey Stock 1 oz. or as needed

Cranberry Pear Chutney (recipe p7) 2 oz. (Blue #16 Scoop)

Fresh Sage Sprig 1 ea.


1. Place the slightly mounded scoop of brioche stuffing on a hot oval platter at 12 o'clock and press it slightly to spread from 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock.

2. Place the scoop of chutney at 9 o'clock with the fresh sage leaf.

3. Slice the warm turkey weighing portions periodically to ensure the weight is correct.

4. Fan the turkey slices from 5 o'clock to 3 o'clock leaning on the stuffing to give the turkey height and leaving a 1 inch gap at the bottom of the plate.

5. Brush the turkey with the hot stock.

6. Ladle the gravy in the channel between the turkey and the rim of the plate allow some of the gravy to coat approximately 1 inch up the bottom of the turkey slices.

7. Serve immediately

SERVING PIECE: Hot Large Oval Platter