Use crock pot to cook up southern favorite: Pulled pork

Richard shows us an easy way to cook pulled pork.
Richard shows us an easy way to cook pulled pork.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On this episode of Culinary Nunnsense we are slow roasting pork without heating up you kitchen, oven or grill.

This slow-cooked pork is as juicy and tender as the tradition slow cooked type, but it's done in a slow cooker. That's right, your crock pot can do the same job, with out the heat and mess.

Ingredients (depending on how many people you are serving)

1 4-6 lbs. Boston Butt or Pork Shoulder
1-2 tablespoons of your favorite rub
1 whole garlic bulb
6 strips of bacon

With a sharp knife, pierce the pork, making small slits about an inch deep. Place a peeled clove of garlic in each slit. Depending on size of pork, about 6 to 8 cloves will do the trick. Season the pork with your favorite rub. I used Martha's Mix.

Place strips of bacon in the bottom of the slow cooker. Place pork on top of bacon. Set your cooker to high and cover with tightly fitting lid. Cook for 4-6 hours, again depending on size of pork.

Remove pork from cooker and allow to rest for about 5 minutes. With two forks, shred and enjoy plain or with your favorite BBQ sauce.

It's that easy! Best part, very little to clean up and your kitchen is still cool.

I think if you try this southern favorite alternative you too will be saying, there is "Nunn better.

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