Serving food for the greater good


What are you having for dinner tonight? It's a simple question but one in six Americans don't know where their next meal will come from. That's not the case for some diners in one Colorado city.

Mostly local, organic cuisine spans the menu at this Denver restaurant. Usually, healthy food like this would be pricey, but not here, it's pay what you can in money or time.

"I volunteered today. I was raking leaves and there was some spilled dirt on the cement. I've done all sorts of things here though like doing the dishes, making spaghetti sauce, gutting squashes, all sorts of stuff," said Kiernan Cooper, a SAME Café patron.

SAME Café is the brain child of Libby Birky and her husband. Libby told us, "We came up with the idea after serving at soup kitchens and shelters and saw that the quality of food that was available to folks in need was pretty poor and there was very little access to fresh fruits, and vegetables. We also saw it was pretty undignified so we wanted to do something about that."

Today's menu features a popular savory butternut squash soup. "So we're going to add the carrots, onions and celery to our vegetable stock that's been heating on the stove. We have pealed, roasted butternut squash here that we actually had in the freezer so it's been seasoned with salt and pepper and we're just going to add that to the vegetable stock," Libby said.

Some come for the great food, some to support the concept, others come for both. SAME Café patron Jason Balducci said, "I love it. Like I really, really appreciate the concept of it all, you get a good meal from quality ingredients for a very inexpensive price."

SAME Café is looking to purchase a food truck so they can offer their organic cuisine on-the-go in Denver. If you would like to find out more about the SAME Cafe restaurant and the concept, click here.