Here's how to get a free 'Big King XL' from Burger King

Photo: Burger King
Photo: Burger King

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Weeks after giving customers a way to get a Whopper for only a penny, Burger King is once again working to steer people away from McDonald's. I'm lookin' at you, Big Mac.

Burger King's "Big King XL" comes with a pair of quarter pound beef patties, and BK says it "outsizes the competition." (It looks a whole lot like a Big Mac, but Burger King says it has 175 percent more beef.) 

Until Jan. 31, Grubhub users can try the new burger for free, and they can have it delivered for free by using the app. There's a limit of one per delivery.

The catch? The free burger is only on Grubhub orders of $3 or more in participating areas. We checked, and Jacksonville IS one of those areas.

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