Panera Bread finally unleashes double bread bowl -- but only for limited time

We loaf you, double bread bowl

Panera Bread.
Panera Bread.

Oprah Winfrey once said, "I love bread," and the rest of the world listened and agreed. America loves bread so much that it demanded Panera Bread make a double bread bowl, and thankfully, the company listened.

The double bread bowl was practically an urban legend, only to be seen in Philadelphia last summer, but thanks to bread-loving customers, Panera Bread has finally made the elusive double bread bowl available nationwide for only $9.99.

Editor's note: Wait! Before you get too excited (and trust us, we understand), we just want to drop a line saying that the deal is at participating locations only. So before you grab your keys and head to your nearest Panera, you might want to call or check around before automatically assuming that this includes your local restaurant.

If your local shop is included, double bread bowls will be available through Feb. 28, so  indulge while you can. 

“Since the test launch, we’ve seen an overwhelming response on social media from fans asking, ‘When will Double Bread Bowls come to my city?’ We’re excited to answer that demand and spread the bread to guests nationwide,” said Tom Sadler, Panera’s vice president of food and beverage product development. “The Double Bread Bowl encourages our guests to take their favorite soups to the next level and share an unforgettable meal with a friend or loved one.”


Panera Bread rolled out the double bread bowl as a Valentine's Day promotion, advertising it as something to be shared with a friend or lover. The company then decided to share the love through the end of the month. Besides, we all know that a true bread bowl aficionado is saving that entire bowl of carbs for themselves, anyway. No shame! 

You can order the double bread bowl online and eat it at home, but if you decide to live on the wild side and eat your soup and bread bowl at the store, you can chose any two soups to go in the vessel. Not gonna lie -- a baked potato and tomato soup combination sounds pretty delectable. 

What are you waiting for? Get on it before March rolls around and the deal expires!

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