Meet the 'cheebab' -- a vegetarian version of a kebab, made of cheese


Vegetarians just got a new option if they want to pass on kabob meat but still want the flavor, and it's made entirely out of cheese. 

Let us introduce to you the "cheebab," which was invented in Switzerland as the world's first rotisserie cheese, Munchies reports. 

To make cheebabs, you take a giant hunk of cheese made of cheddar, halloumi and raclette, and set it up on a rotating spit. Just like any other kabob meat, slices of the cheebab are shaved off for guests to enjoy. 

The person behind the cheebab, Roland Rüegg, told Munchies that it's meant to be a vegetarian alternative, but this sounds heavenly, even if you're not a vegetarian and you just really love cheese. 

The cheebab is described as being very well-seasoned to mock the flavor of a lamb or chicken kabob, and the texture of the halloumi is perfect since the cheese can easily be fried or grilled. 

Unfortunately, the only places to experience the cheesy goodness of the cheebab is in its home country, Switzerland, and Germany. Rüegg said the demand for the cheebab is crazy, but he wants to keep the recipe and production local. 

"We're a small dairy farm that wants to make good products from the region for the region. To disrupt the international milk market isn't our plan. We don't have the capacity for that. We prefer to aim for high quality, and that does cost money," Rüegg told Munchies. 

And don't get worried that cheebabs will start replacing the traditional kabob meat.

"It should just be an alternative for vegetarians," said Rüegg. "Which is why we've also made sure that the lab used for our cheese production is vegetarian-friendly."

It could be a while before we see a cheebab rotisserie next to a giant hunk of lamb kabob, especially since Rüegg isn't giving away the secret trick to not have the cheebab completely melt while it's on the rotisserie. 

Until then, we'll be dreaming about you, cheebab. 

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