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Pickle lovers rejoice: Pickle chips are on their way

We have a feeling these pickle chips will be a Vlasic

Conagra Brands.
Conagra Brands.

Not all people would consider themselves pickle connoisseurs, but those who can't get enough of the sour and tangy snack are in for a real treat. 

Vlasic, the company that produces the classic pickle, is introducing a new pickle chip snack that sounds incredibly delicious. Before you start thinking that these are just chips that are pickle flavored, think again. These are actually chips made solely out of pickles. 

Pickle snacks have been a growing trend in the past couple years. It seems that every restaurant that serves bar food has fried pickle chips or spears on the menu, so it's no surprise that actual pickle chips will soon be available. 

The new pickle chips are also "vacuum-fried," according to Food Business News, so that means they're not fried like a lot of chips are -- making them a perfect low-calorie snack. 

A spokesperson for Conagra Brands said the item is "still in development" and they don't have an official release date, so in the meantime, we'll keep our fingers crossed that it's sooner than later. 

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