Caribbean restaurant, pizza joint, wing and sub restaurant all top the list for violations

Restaurant Report Card investigates top offenders

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Caribbean restaurant, a pizza joint, and a wing and sub restaurant all top the list for the most violations this past week. We have the list of the top violators and why they need a re-check soon.

Island Tropics Restaurant on North Main Street was cited with 25 violations last week.  Three violations were ones that the state believes could get your sick. An employee had to reheat chicken to the proper temperature. It was checked at 20 to 50 degrees to cool to be considered safe.  There was also raw fish stored over cooked fish and that could lead to contamination.

Rosina's Pizza on Kernan Boulevard was caught last week with 25 violations.  Five were high priority and needed addressing right away.  The owner had to throw out heavy cream that was curdled.  There was oven cleaner stored over spices on the cook line.  This was fixed but it was also a repeat violation.  Rosina's was also warned about their license which just recently expired and needs renewing in less than a month.

Finally, Tuni's Wings and Subs on North Main Street had 13 violations during its inspection last week.  Three were high priority.  The main problem had to do with temperature.  The inspector wrote chicken was being held at a dangerously high temperature.  They also had to get their license renewed.  Four days later the inspector came back to Tuni's on North Main and had good news when she found zero violations.

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