Mediterranean shrimp salad and gourmet mac and cheese

Gourmet Seafood Mac and Cheese

1 lb Elbow Macaroni

2 cups of 5 Blend Shredded Cheese

1 cup cubed Velveeta Cheese

2-3 cups of whole Milk (depending on how thick you like your cheese sauce)

1 stick of Butter

¼ tsp Dry Mustard


½ lb cleaned/peeled baby shrimp and bay scallops

Seafood Seasoning

In a large pot, bring water to a boil, salt, and cook you macaroni until Al dente' (slightly undercooked)

In a medium pot, bring water to a boil, add 1 tsp of Seafood Seasoning, add you cleaned shrimp and scallops cook until pink (3-5 minutes depending on size), drain seafood put into a water bath (cold ice water)to stop cooking.

In a large sauce pan, melt butter, add milk, cubed Velveeta, shredded cheese, and stir constantly until blended together. Add Salt, pepper to taste and dry mustard, mix. Add cooked pasta, and mix. Add cooked seafood and mix gently. Sprinkle top with Seafood Seasoning and you have a Delicious, Cheesy, side or serve with a salad for a great meal!

Mediterranean Shrimp Salad

½ lb cleaned, steamed, bite size shrimp (tail off)

1 Cup chopped celery

½ Cup Cherry or Grape Tomatoes (cut in half)

½ Cup Kalamata Olives (pitted)

¼ cup assorted fresh herbs (Parsley, Basil)

4 Cups of Chopped Romaine Lettuce

1 Lemon

5 tbsp. Good quality Olive Oil

1/3 cup of Feta Cheese

Salt/pepper to taste

Pita or Italian Bread

Mix the first 5 items listed in a large bowl. Zest the lemon and add zest to the bowl. Cut Lemon in half and squeeze juice on top of the ingredients in the bowl. Add Olive Oil, salt, pepper to taste, and Feta Cheese into bowl and mix gently. Tastes best if made a few hours prior to serving. When ready to serve, heat some Italian bread or pita on the grill or in a grill pan. place Romaine on a plate, top with cold shrimp salad, and serve with warm grilled bread on the side. Great as an appetizer or light meal. Delicious and healthy, perfect for spring!