RECIPE: 1901 Fiery Chicken Sandwich

Executive Chef Tim Hoch from EverBank Field shares his recipe for a chicken sandwich with flavor.

Chicken Breast, 5-6 ounce: 4 each

Buttermilk: 1 cup
Crystal Hot Sauce: ¼ cup
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Black Pepper: ½ teaspoon

Seasoned Flour
All purpose flour: 4 cup
Cayenne Pepper: 1 Tablespoon
Salt: 2 Tablespoon

Ranch Slaw
Shredded Cabbage: 2 cup
Ranch dressing: 1 cup

Crystal Wing Sauce to Taste
Peanut Oil: 6-8 cups
Buttery Brioche Burger Bun: 4 each
To Prepare the Chicken:
Combine all ingredients and mix well.
Add the chicken, stir around to coat all the chicken.
Marinate at least 1 hour.

Heat oil in a thick bottom sauce pot for frying, 350 degrees.

Mix together the flour, cayenne pepper and salt.
Remove the chicken from marinade, drain slightly then dredge in seasoned flour, shake off excess.
Very carefully lower the chicken into hot oil and cook for about 4 minutes until fully cooked. Use a thermometer if you have one, the chicken should be 165 degrees in the center.

To prepare the slaw:
Combine Cabbage and ranch dressing, mix well. Store in refrigerator until ready to use.

Assemble the Sandwich:
Place the fried chicken on the bottom of your toasted bun then the ranch slaw, drizzle with as much of the Crystal Wing Sauce as you like.
Finish with the top bun and Enjoy!

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