Recipe for an easy potato substitute

A Culinary Nunnsense Favorite

If you are looking for an easy potato substitute then try this Culinary  Nunnsense favorite.
In Episode 2 we focused on stretching your food dollar.  This time we focused in on chicken.  We also snuck in an easy side dish  to share with your family.
Some call them Chick Peas, others call them Garbanzo Beans.  Either way, these beans or peas make a delicious side dish.
I am eternally grateful to who ever coined the term, "Faux-Taters."  The term refers to any mashed, mushed or smooched carbohydrate or vegetable that when processed fills the spot on your plate and in your tummy for the old stand by -- mashed potatoes.
1 can of Garbanzo Beans or Chick Peas.  To me the low sodium varieties work best for this side dish.
I sauté pan
Add  1 can of beans and liquid to a sauté pan.  
Over low to medium heat, warm beans to a simmer.
Using a slotted spoon, transfer beans to a food processor.  You can also use a stick blender
Pulse beans until they begin to resemble mashed potatoes.  Add remaining liquid and process to your desired texture.
There are two things that I enjoy about this dish.  One, it's so easy.  Two, with a little bit of imagination you can make it taste however you want.
Add a BBQ rub for a smoky flavor.
Add fresh herbs for a classic flavor
Add some curry paste  for heat or some coconut for a taste of the tropics.
Go ahead and get crazy with your beans.  Recipes are like a color by number painting, you are the artist feel free to experiment.  I think once you start to play with this side dish you'll agree, for something this easy and tasty, there ain't Nunn better.

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