Sambuca Shrimp

Recipe from Chef Nye at Aqua Grill

Fresh Mayport Jumbo Shrimp (peeled & deveined)

Thinly sliced Prosciutto as needed to wrap around shrimp

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Whole Butter to pan fry the Shrimp

Sambuca Liquor

Whole Sweet Cream Butter

Fennel Syrup: We make this by poaching julienne fennel in 2 parts sugar & 1 part water, then strain out the fennel and continue cooking liquid until a syrup forms.

For seasoning I use a mixture of coriander, rosemary, cayenne, sea salt & cracked black pepper.

Start by wrapping the shrimp with a strip of prosciutto.

Sauté the wrapped shrimp in butter & olive oil, deglaze the pan with Sambuca, then add fennel syrup and whole sweet cream butter and cook until butter is melted and sauce forms.

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