Vernon's Restaurant recipes

Chicken Scarpariello
1. Season chicken breast with salt and pepper 2. Sear chicken breast, skin side down on a non-stick pan 2. Flip chicken breast, cook for 10 minutes 3. Add sliced garlic and cherry peppers 4. Deglaze with pickling juice 5. Add one cup of chicken stock with fresh herbs - reduce halfway and monte au beurre (emulsify with butter).

Pan Seared Salmon with Garden Vegetables and Blueberry Gastrique
1. Sear salmon in non-stick pan.
2. Remove from pan and add vegetables
3. Sauté for three minutes with salt, pepper and curry powder 4. Plate vegetables with salmon on top 5. Sauce around with fresh blueberry gastrique 6. Season with salt and pepper to taste and garnish with cilantro.