Can metal beads help you lose weight?


According to a Gallup poll, 56 percent of Americans want to lose weight, but the majority who succeed wind up packing those pounds back on.

"The problem is so many people try to reach their weight loss goals with fad diets, and ultimately they fail to learn the habits necessary to keep weight off," says nutritionist Gina Sweat.

One of the latest diet plans people are trying is the Sadkhin complex, which is touted as an all-natural and drug-free way to lose weight.

"On the program, you are absolutely not hungry," says Maya Zilbert, who opened the first South Florida franchise with her mother, Margarita.

Using the principals of acupressure, tiny metal beads are attached with adhesive to points on the ear.

"We massage these beads, and that blocks hunger levels through the hypothalamus and it stimulates the releasing of fat from around the organs, which causes you to lose weight," she says.

Sweat is skeptical.

"There is nothing in scientific studies in the medical literature that associates the use of acupressure with weight loss. This is simply not proven," says Sweat.

Sweat is more concerned about the diet, which involves eating fruit and vegetables for two days, then switching to milk, just 2 and a half cups, for the next two days.

This back-and-forth process continues until the dieter reach the desired weight.

"This is not nutritionally balanced, and people could be risking vitamin and mineral deficiencies," says Sweat.

Maya Zilbert noted that the program does offer supplements, or clients may use their own.

"We do a full review of their health, and our clients will find they are satisfied and have no cravings with this program," says Maya.

Maya and her mother lost a combined total of 130 pounds following the plan.

"I lost 60 pounds 23 years ago, and I do regular maintenance, maybe once a year, to keep it off," says Margarita. "I feel healthier and have a lot of energy to do a lot of things."