Mayo Clinic gets big research grant

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Doctors at Jacksonville's Mayo Clinic are getting some funding for research into breast cancer detection from the Susan G. Komen National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Derek Radisky, Ph.D., of Jacksonville's Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Lynn Hartmann from the clinic's Rochester campus, are working on better early detection methods for women with atypical cells in their breast tissue.

The Komen Foundation's national board of directors approved the $597,939 grant in January.

The executive director of the northeast Florida affiliate of the foundation explained that a group of experts looked at which research opportunities offered the most promise.

"The Komen Scholars, an advisory group of 68 distinguished scholars and leaders in breast cancer research and advocacy, help identify the most promising projects for funding through a highly structured peer review process," said Bruce Grob.  "With the guidance of these experts, Komen invests every research dollar as carefully and conscientiously as possible."

Radisky, an assistant professor of cancer biology at the clinic, is grateful for the grant.  "Our models will have the potential for early identification of those women at greatest risk for breast cancer, which will allow us to recommend appropriate risk reduction maneuvers, expected to reduce incidence of the disease," he said.

Grob said this grant is the 12th research grant in the state of Florida funded by Komen.