Study examines menu health information

Some restaurant items close to fast food choices

BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. – A new study may have you thinking twice about what you order from your favorite home style restaurant.

A new study by The Rand Corporation revealed sit-down chain restaurants have the same caloric and sodium counts as fast food joints.

"Proof is in the numbers and it's exactly what all of us have thought.  It's nice to see in the study," said Meghan Buchman, a weight loss counselor at Memorial Hospital.

Buchman said one reason why certain foods can be so high in things like sodium and calories is the huge amount of portions some restaurants serve.

"Even in the healthier choices that we're finding, there's still a lot of sodium. Restaurants are choosing to use salt and fat which boosts calories and terrible health effects on our body," Buchman said.

Channel 4's Scott Johnson sat down at a I-Hop in Bradford County.

Johnson ordered a 760 calorie bacon cheeseburger and a 730 calorie turkey bacon club sandwich.

The club had three times as much sodium, more 2,000 milligrams.  That is the Food and Drug Administration's recommended limit for daily sodium intake in one sandwich.

Customers said they were shocked to hear about the amount information.

"I do pay attention to calories and nutritional values.  I lost a significant amount of weight a number of years ago, so I'm trying to keep that off and be healthy.  So I'm surprised and kind of sad about that," said Lynn Doiron.

The National Restaurant Association defended themselves.  They said they offer nutritional information on menus and restaurant websites for customers to look at before they order.