Top spices that could help you with annoying, everyday problems


Do you have indigestion, hot flashes or maybe cramps?  Research proves that the very things we use to season our food, could also combat these annoying, everyday problems.   We have the top spices you should have inside your kitchen cabinet.

"We learned that there are clear benefits to adding spices to your meals even if you're only adding them occasionally," says Ann Skulas-Ray, PhD fellow at Pennsylvania State University.

First up is cinnamon.  It not only packs antioxidants, but it helps the hormone insulin work better, reducing blood sugar levels. Aim for a quarter teaspoon most days of the week.

Next up is sage.  It inhibits certain enzymes, which may improve your memory. It's also great for digestion, and might help curb hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. Try a half teaspoon a few times a week.

Also on the list to have in your cabinet, ginger!  Studies show it can help quiet nausea, and protects against gastric ulcers.  It can also help relieve menstrual cramps, muscle pain, and migraines.  If your doctor approves it, get a daily dose.

And you've heard it before but don't forget the turmeric.  A recent study showed that adding turmeric and other high-antioxidant spices to high-fat meals could help regulate triglyceride and insulin levels and protect the cardiovascular system.