Unusual uses for breast milk

UF neonatologist explains the power of 'liquid gold'


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – American's spend nearly $2 billion just on flowers each Mother's Day, and for good reason! One of the best gifts moms can give their kids can not only help their short term but long term health.

One Florida neonatologist is breaking down the unusual and uncommon uses for one of mom's greatest gifts.
"It is liquid gold," says Sandra Sullivan, M.D., a neonatologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

And they call it that for a reason! True or false: breast milk can treat ear, and eye infections like pink-eye? The answer is true.

"Fresh milk has white blood cells in it which fight infection and they go around and chop up bacteria," explains Sullivan.

A few drops in the eye or ear will work wonders in clearing up infections without the harmful side effects of antibiotics.

Next, breast milk can heal diaper rash? This is also true. It works as well as any cream on the market without risk of allergic reaction. Rub in a few drops and allow it to air dry before putting a diaper back on.

Finally can it treat skin wounds, bites, and scrapes? Yes, it's true!

"It's really a remarkable thing I have to say. I put breast milk on my daughter's skin wounds," says Sullivan.

A few drops before bandaging can prevent infection and speed the healing process. It's solid advice for your liquid gold.

Research shows people of all ages can benefit from the healing properties of breast milk. Burn victims can use breast milk to help heal and protect their skin. Chemo patients can use it to calm their nausea and help with digestion, after treatment.

And if you're willing to try it, breast milk can help heal acne or be used as a makeup remover.