Strange, effective ways to reduce stress


Headache, chest pain and nausea are not just symptoms of illness and disease, they can also be the effects of stress.  So to avoid all of the above, aren't you willing to try some out-of-the-box ways to relax.

First, sniff an orange. Brazilian researchers found study participants who did just that for five minutes before taking a stressful test were less anxious and the effects lasted throughout the day.

Next, put a green dot on your phone. Doctors at the University of North Carolina say it serves as a reminder to take a deep breath before you answer a call. It could help you feel better and sound more confident.

Third, give your earlobes a light tug and move them in circles in opposite directions. According to Men's Health online, the motion moves the tentorium membrane in your head which can relief stress

If those ideas don't work, try making faces! Television's Dr. Oz says scrunching up your face for 15 seconds, releasing and repeating can help you relieve any strain you have built up above your neck.

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