Holiday party food don'ts


From finger foods to tasty beverages, the end of the year brings people together, but being a social butterfly during the holidays could wreck the diet you've been working on the whole year.

Tis' the season to be…. fatty? Between the buffet table and the tasty wine, keeping track of your calories could make you lose your mind!

"Everyone knows, during the holidays, while you're making the party circuit that you can definitely put on a couple pounds,"said Hillary Jovi, 310 Park South bartender.

Try this: the day of the party, cut 100 to 200 calories from breakfast and lunch. That will give you some wiggle room later on without starving to death.

If hunger strikes again, add two teaspoons of chia seeds to iced tea or watered-down juice before leaving the house. The seeds expand to help you feel full longer. But if the problem is self-control, survey the food table first. Pick the most delicious treat, then turn your focus on socializing with family and friends. That will help keep you away from the buffet table.

One last tip? Use a small plate. That will force you to pick less food, leaving you to munch on it longer.