Some technology may be affecting your health


A recent survey found the average person uses some form of technology for almost half of their waking hours.  But some technology may be affecting your health, in some sneaky ways.

Is there a high-tech this or a brand new that, you can't live without?  Some of those must-have items could be hurting you.

First, too many Facebook friends may bot be such a good thing.  A study from the University of Houston found that time spent on Facebook is linked to symptoms of depression.  Try spending more time with friends face-to-face since social ties have shown to improve health.

Second, watching television or going online at night can make you lose valuable sleep time.  The glowing screens emit a blue light that suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates your body clock.  Turn off the TV and laptop 30 minutes before going to bed to sleep easier.

Finally, cell phones could raise your risk of getting sick.  A Turkish study found bacteria on 95 percent of health care workers' phones.  And some of that were "super bugs," meaning they are resistant to antibiotics.