Study: Music matters when it comes to working out

Certain songs can actually make you less tired, researchers say


ORLANDO, Fla. – Step into any gym and the music you hear is just as important your workout as the weights and machines.

The latest research shows that the type of songs you listen to could make a huge difference in how many calories you burn.

"Doing cardio on a treadmill, going for a run in 97-degree weather, it's not fun," said Laura Allen, the owner of SWEAT Gym in College Park. "So when they put the music in and they play that first song that they love that makes them happy, they can do it. They just know, I can do this."

Allen puts together a soundtrack for each workout. From dance to classical -- the burn you feel is driven by the beat.

"A lot of the house music you listen to are 140 beats per minute, 130 beats per minute, 136 beats per minute," said Allen. "And some of the slower songs, like when you climb up a hill, much, much lower cadence."

Science backs her up. According to researchers in London, songs between 125 and 140 beats per minute are called your "sweet spot". They can actually make you forget how hard you're working.

But it's not only motivating. Researchers say that when you match your movement to the beat, you require less oxygen and can actually increase your stamina.

So, while science can help you improve your results, Allen says it's all about what makes your heart happy.

"What drives you?" said Allen. "What beats or what sounds drive you and make you want to go do that run?"

If your workout is lagging and you need to get your mojo back, Allen says you should go to iTunes.

Search specific genres you like, for example, dance or rock -- sample songs for free, then download the ones that get your attention right away.