Camden County has a new prescription drug card available

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – Camden County has a new prescription drug card available to people looking to save money on their medications.

The new Coast2Coast Rx card is providing better savings for patients in Camden County and also kicks back some money to the county.

Steve Howard, the public administrator for Camden County, says it's a smart decision that saves people money and gives them the prescriptions they need.

"I get calls about every month from citizens who have been struggling and I think this could be an opportunity for them and anything that we can do. We have a lot of people in the community that need this card," Howard said.

Howard also points out 17 percent of people in Camden County right now don't have insurance.

Ken Rahn, of Coast2Coast Rx, made the pitch to the county. He said people without prescription coverage save on average 61 percent on their medication.

"It's mostly for people that are uninsured. However, people that have insurance, sometimes this discount is less than their copay. This will cover over 60,000 medications," Rahn said.

Also, with the free card, each time it's used the county gets a little money back.

"That's correct. It's up to about $1.25 for what they call royalty fee, which is an opportunity that we did not receive before. Our goal is to take those revenues and give it back to indigent care, which is greatly needed for our community as well," Howard said.

The key now is figuring out which pharmacies actually accept the new card. It's not mandatory so they can opt out. The pharmacy absorbs the lose so Rahn said it's easier for larger pharmacies to accept the card.

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