Ways to make your home healthier


They say "home is where the heart is," but it could also be the source of what's making you sick.  Studies have shown making simple changes to your home can provide you some health benefits.

Dr. Mike Roizen is the chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute. He says the first thing to do is filter the pollution, or particulate matter, in your home.

"So, the particulates, they're what we call 1 to 10 micron particulates, those get into your lung cause inflammation as you breath them in," explained Roizen. "They cause a chronic, inflammatory state, which fosters heart disease, stroke, memory loss."

Roizen says a good high efficiency particulate air filter, or "HEPA filter", is a good way to control the pollution in your home.

You should also try to rid your home of any mold. Mold puts out proteins that cause allergic reactions and inflammation in our bodies.

Letting in lots of natural light during the day will help to make you feel more alert and awake, but Roizen says at night you want as little light as possible.

"So, the nightlights in your bathroom and on the way to the bathroom should only be red because they don't stimulate you to be alert," advised Roizen.

Roizen says even the paint color you choose for a room can affect your mood or how you feel.  So, before you buy that next can of paint, be sure to do a little research first.