Natural sleep aids

What you eat may help you get a better night's sleep


If you feel sleep deprived, you're not alone.  According to a recent poll from the National Sleep Foundation, less than half of people surveyed world-wide say they get a good night's sleep.

Dr.Tanya Edwards is a wellness expert at Cleveland Clinic.  She says if you're having trouble sleeping, there are some natural aids that may help.

"My favorites are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for getting a good night's sleep and recent studies have shown that drinking a cup of tart cherry juice about a half hour before bedtime may also be helpful for getting sleep," she said.

Edwards recommends a half cup of pumpkin seeds once or twice a day for a more restful night's sleep.  She adds that sleep problems are one of the most common issues she hears about, especially from women approaching or starting menopause. One reason for this could be a drop in magnesium levels that occurs with age.

"Around that time is when we're probably starting to not have as much magnesium in our systems as we had when we were younger and so adding foods that are very good sources of magnesium may be very helpful," she explained.

Edwards says a magnesium supplement may help if foods don't do the trick. She adds that if your sleep problems continue you should seek the advice of your family doctor or a sleep expert.