Avoiding kitchen contamination

You scrub it, rub it, and wipe it down. Your kitchen may look clean but is it really? Studies show more than 20 percent of food-borne illness outbreaks result from food consumed at home.

In a 2013 NSF International study, 14 kitchen items were analyzed for the presence of four different dangerous micro-organisms. All 14 kitchen items had the presence of at least one, but which items are the worst?

Number one was the refrigerator water dispenser. It can have yeast mold build up, which is a problem for those with allergies. Try using a vinegar-water mix to clean with.

Next up are rubber spatulas and blenders.  Most people think putting rubber spatulas and blenders directly into the dish washer is okay, but they should be disassembled beforehand.

Your refrigerator's vegetable compartment and ice dispenser rounded out the study's dirtiest top five.  Some other items on the list include the meat compartment, knife block, and can opener.

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