Foto facials

"The closest that we've come to the fountain of youth"


LOS GATOS, Calif. – All of the time she spent outdoors should have taken a toll on Janet Graham's skin, but this 52-year-old says one cosmetic procedure has kept her looking and feeling much younger.

Dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter developed a procedure called the foto facial.

"At this point, the foto facial procedure is the closest that we've come to the fountain of youth," said Bitter.

The foto facial uses broad band light to stimulate collagen. Lasers burn and 0 the skin cells – but this type of light is different.

"It doesn't kill skin cells. What it does is it changes the skin, and it changes skin cells,"  Bitter said.

In one study, Bitter found annual foto facials resulted in skin that aged only one year over an eight-year span. In another Stanford study, doctors treated women in their 70s and found the gene expression in their skin cells looked like that of women in their 20s.

"This is the first study that has shown that there's anything available that can reverse or change gene expression,"  Bitter said.

The cost is about $500 per procedure. It can be uncomfortable, and burning the skin is a risk. But 48-year-old Mary Shelton has seen immediate results

I think this is the first time I've seen something that actually reverses aging," said Shelton.

The procedure takes about ten minutes.  Bitter says for best results, patients should get their first five facials 3-4 weeks apart, then yearly maintenance treatments. He has trained over 5,000 doctors around the world to perform the foto facial.

Additional Information:

Facials have grown to be one of the most predominant cosmetic procedures over the last 10 years. Women look to facial treatments in the hope of achieving the look of younger skin. A foto facial, or photo facial, was developed to enhance the look of the skin on a person's face, neck, chest, back or back of hands. This particular facial aids in skin rejuvenation to allow the skin to appear firmer and clearer. The facial treats skin that has sun damage, brown spots, spider veins, redness, rosacea, and wrinkles. (Source: http://spas.about.com/od/facialtreatments/a/foto-facial.htm)

HOW IT WORKS: The facial is performed at your local dermatologist's office or day spa. First, the technician cleans the skin and applies a cooing gel. The treatment is performed with a laser which is placed against the problematic skin area and passes over with a bright infrared light. This is generally a painless procedure, but it depends on the patient and the condition of the skin. The good thing about the facial is that it does not require any down time, and in some cases results can be seen immediately. There is a small risk of burning caused by the machine, but consult your doctor beforehand and discuss which machine suits you best. (Source: http://spas.about.com/od/facialtreatments/a/foto-facial.htm)

RESULTS: For optimal results, a series of treatments are recommended. Each patient is different and will have a desired look that they are trying to achieve. The collagen-boosting procedure provides results depending on the skin type and how it responds. Patients are almost always satisfied with their treatments and only need to see the doctor again for touch ups. (Source: http://spas.about.com/od/facialtreatments/a/foto-facial.htm)